The Last Post.

It’s been a full year since I started this blog with objective to post something every single day, to keep the consistency of posting something on my blog. Actually, this blog is like a year project for myself, after my 23rd birthday, I would like to start something where I have to post one thing every single day, for a whole year. So, it should be 365 post in this blog ideally. But, things happen, I missed a couple days, so this is only my 356 post. Down 9 from the ideal number.

Sometimes what we plan just doesn’t work like it should be. There will be some changes here and there, and I think it is quite an achievement to be able to keep the momentum, for crafting or share something here.

Today, is my 24th birthday, which is the end of this project. I won’t update this blog in the future, but I will keep this as a proof that I have done this project throughout the year. I will keep writing on my personal blog,

See you there!


Line – AADC (Mini Movie)

Today seems like all the memory of AADC is brought back to live.

I have to make a great applause for Line and their agency for being able to cope all the attention of the people in the social media realm. They brought the legendary AADC back, with all original cast and a great cinematography. I think they set the bar very high for future commercial they will make.

As for the social appearance they really got it. Proved by the hashtag and all the meme, spreading. I only can say Great Job! to the agency, I am sure all the hard work, overtime, and all stuff is paid off with the success of this campaign.